The website of the Ministry of Transportation and Road Development is exposing sensitive and personal details of 20,000 former driver license holders. According to the Ministry’s website, the list is intended to help former driver license holders to look up the details of their previous license to help them with the application process of the newer and secure driver’s license.

There is no security mechanism to prevent unauthorized access of this sensitive information on the ministry’s website, the links expose the entire list at once. It is unclear if the Ministry of Transportation and Road Development deems the list sensitive or it has been published by mistake.

Although no citizen services are provided online by the Somaliland government, most government websites lack basic security features such as SSL and best practices to safeguard critical information.

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunication Technology whose own website is among many insecure government websites did not answer questions for this article.

Our efforts to reach the Minister of Transportation and Road Development, Mr. Abdillahi Abokor Osman were unsuccessful.

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