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Dishonest Broker – Why Turkey Will Not Run Somaliland – Somalia Talks

On December 28, 2018, Turkey named its former Ambassador to Somalia Dr. Olgan Bekar as a Special Envoy for Somalia and Somaliland Talks. Thought the former Ambassador to Somalia has had limited contact with the Government of Somaliland especially President Bihi's current administration, he known to be very comfortable in navigating the political scene in...

The Future of Somaliland’s Recognition

by Max Webb Thirty years after declaring its independence from Somalia, the Republic of Somaliland seems to be strategically positioning itself to make a strong push for international recognition. Though it checks nearly every box for statehood, its pursuit of independence has been largely ignored, leaving the region stable, but isolated and without...

 Taiwan Demonstration Farm in Somaliland opens

News Release His Excellency Ambassador Allen Chenhwa Lou, Taiwan Representative in the Republic of Somaliland, and Hon. Mohamed Haji Osman, Minister of Agricultural Development of the Republic of Somaliland, co-hosts the opening ceremony of the Demonstration Farm in Agamse, Arabsiyo on 4th October 2021. The Demonstration Farm is the...

Taiwan donates oxygen generators to Somaliland to fight together against COVID-19

NEWS RELEASE COVID-19 continues to spread globally to threaten people’s lives and cause massive economic losses. In order to assist Somaliland to increase its related capability to combat this pandemic, the Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland represents the Taiwan Government to donate Taiwanese-made oxygen generators to the Ministry of...

US Congressman Chris Smith Urges State Department and USAID to Recognize Somaliland

In a hearing by the House Foreign Relations, Sub-Committee for Africa, held on September 28, ranking member Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey once again highlighted Somaliland's peace, security, and stability and referred to it as an 'oasis of stability' relative to Somalia, Eritrea and the conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region.

Somaliland reminds the international community that is not part of Somalia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland issued a statement to remind the international community that it is not part of the selections being held in Somalia which the Federal Government of Somalia claims includes Somaliland. Below is the Press Release as translated by Somaliland Chronicle.

Exclusive Interview with Stephen M. Schwartz — The Former US Ambassador to Somalia

In this interview, we are speaking with Mr. Stephen M. Schwartz, the former United States Ambassador to Somalia, about the many challenges and opportunities facing countries in the Horn of Africa, including Somaliland. Somaliland Chronicle: Let’s start with Ethiopia: You have been in the U.S. Foreign Service since 1992 and have been a...

Normalise it: Somalia and Somaliland talks will never end

After 10 years of fruitless talks with Somalia, the Somaliland government has expressed its frustration and adopted a new policy: talks with Somalia will be limited to addressing Somaliland sovereignty. This is an important development for Somaliland and a balanced position between not recognising the Somalian government (1991-2012) and an open dialogue that lasted...

Somaliland: The Diaspora vs homeland

“Three main periods of migration can be identified, when comes to giving an overview of the history of the African Diaspora. Historically, the first wave of forced African migrations began during the Transatlantic Slave trade (16th-19th) century…The second African diaspora generation was the result of the difficult process of decolonization. During the late-colonial period, early post-independence, starting...

Corrupt Monopoly: Why the Insurance Commission Selected Amanah to be the Sole Insurer at Berbera Port and Customs

The chairman of the National Insurance Commission Mr. Saleban Awad Ali (Bukhaari), in a directive, announced that Amanah Insurance is the sole company that is authorized by the Somaliland government to provide insurance coverage to all vehicles in customs and all vehicles and trucks, need to access the Berbera port. 

Somaliland’s Ministry of Environment and Rural Development and Cheetah Conservation Fund Note Decline in Cub Poaching

Somaliland Government records zero interceptions or confiscation events in 10 months (Right) One of 10 cubs rescued by Somaliland Police, MoERD, and CCF on October 17, 2020, the last time cheetah cubs were intercepted from the illegal wildlife trade in Somaliland. The cub was found with an ulcerated nose, facial abrasions and...

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