Decades ago during the British ruling and right after the independence, sending children to schools was a controversial and divisive even dangerous matter. Sending a girl to school was out of the question. Right after independence, the Burao and Hargeisa girl’s school were opened and among the alumni is our beloved Dr. Edna Adan. Those days were dark days for our young beautiful girls.

However, the notion that our children would be converted to Christianity never materialized and today we remain a hundred percent Muslim although our children were educated by instructors with different beliefs and cultures.

During the military regime over two decades in our school students were taught Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Communism and socialist theories to undermine our Islam. Those were vulnerable times where Islam was under attack by then military leaders who embraced socialism. Students were forced to sing communist ritual songs before classes start in the morning under duress, yet they remained hundred percent Muslims.

During the collapse of the dictatorial regime, our people were forced to flee to refugee camps run by international organizations and religious entities. These organizations sponsored refugees to settle in different western countries including Australia. Most of the refugees were uneducated mothers and daughters under the mercy of foreign donors who were providing the basic human needs such as food and shelter, yet they never compromised their religious beliefs and they remain full-fledged Muslims in Christian countries.

Somali diaspora, in general, are considered among the minorities living in different western countries, however, they built mosques and religious schools in places where such beliefs were never practiced and our women are brave enough to wear Muslim attires without fear, unlike other ethnic groups.

If someone believes that Somalis are a weak and feeble-minded society that could easily be manipulated or misguided to convert to another religious believes, then one does not know Somalis well enough.

Since its inception Somaliland has experienced many obstacles including meddling in its internal affairs from resentful few who are not happy with the tangible progress that Somaliland has taken by politicizing certain social issues, but they failed again and again.

In their most recent attempt, they are trying to smear the name of a well-established center of education and that of the beautiful young Somaliland girls by using unsuspected individual Somalilanders. This School has produced young high-achieving Somalilanders who graduated or currently attending the most prestigious Ivy League universities in America.

These young beautiful adults came from strong family tradition, have completed Quran, basic high school education, and are the offsprings of the most resilient generations of all time who endured and overcome death and destruction from a ruthless dictator. They are many among a few and they can defend themselves and their religion. They are strong educated young girls who have the ability to challenge and convince someone, not the other way around.

Given the fact that our society is non like others, especially our young beautiful Somaliland girls, in their own homeland and under the protection of their caring government and in close proximity to their own parents and society should not be afraid of few misguided individuals with ulterior motives serving the enemy interests.

You are in good hands and we are proud of you.


Mohamed Adan Samatar is a Former State of Arizona Government Management and holds BSc, MS Agriculture. He can be reached madan.samatar01[@]

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