Somaliland – Somalia talks taking place in Djibouti since June 14th have hit an impasse according to Somaliland’s Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Hon. Saeed Sulub who spoke to the media a short while ago.

“it is true that the talks have collapsed, the folks we met were not serious, clueless and lacked basic understanding of what was being discussed” Minister Sulub said.

He added “They want tie our sovereignty to international aid and politicize it”, the minister also discussed a freedom of movement for politicians proposed by the Somalia team that Somaliland delegation at the meeting rejected saying that accepting it would essentially means Somaliland’s acceptance of becoming a regional administration of Somalia.

A key point in a communique on the talks issued by the Djibouti government stated that the two sides agreed not to politicize aid and development.

Despite rosy expectation and adulation from many in the international community on the resumption of the stalled Somaliland/Somalia talks, this is the second time a member of Somaliland’s delegation has assessed the talks to be a complete failure.

President of the Republic of Somaliland HE Muse Bihi Abdi is still in Djibouti, although it is unclear if he is personally participating any of the negotiation rounds or if he is directing the Somaliland team.

President Bihi’s address at the opening of the talks in which he reiterated Somaliland’s sovereignty and the atrocities committed against its people by the Somali regime was widely received in Somaliland.

Sources add that President of Djibouti Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh and the United Ambassador to Somalia Mr. Donald Yamamoto are trying to salvage the talks.

Efforts to reach Somaliland delegation or Ambassador Yamamoto for further comments were unsuccessful.

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