The blessed republic of Somaliland is in celebration today. It is exactly the day in which its sovereignty is reclaimed or regained. On the eve of 28th celebrations of the nation’s birth, I have a simple and short message to send.

Dear countrymen it is the day to show the world that we are as strong as a solid foundation which can’t be fallen apart. It is the time we have survived and stand firmly against all odds. It is the right time to feel proud and joy for the betterment of our nation. Surely, We are in a better position than 28 years ago. We had built a nation with law and order in a lawlessness east-African region.

Dear countrymen, let me remind you, Somaliland is a country built by its people from the ashes without one’s help. So, what ever disagreements happen will only be solved by its grassroots. Our country’s issues are always be open for discussion. We all know, Somalilands’ means of addressing its own internal misunderstandings had been hailed across the globe.

 In some cases, If some of our citizens feel neglected we have the capacity and means to discuss and settle our difference. Although we have had a very rough road there is also a long way to go. That very rough road ahead can only be overcome through unity. Unity among Somaliland people. Through unity and patience recognition will eventually arrive at our door-step sooner rather than latter. That is just a matter of days.

Dear Somalilanders, held your head high and stand together to bravely reject the nasty plans intended to destroy our nation.

About the Author:   Mohamed Samater is an engineering technologist by profession now lives in Melbourne, Australia. He was also an educationalist. Former Dean and lecturer at local universities in Somaliland. Email: engsamater[at]

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