Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, Ambassador Tibor P. Nagy, Jr. held a press briefing today in Washington DC to discuss the Trump Administration’s new Africa strategy.

National Security Adviser, John Bolton

The United States new African strategy was unveiled by President Trump’s National Security Adviser, John Bolton at the Heritage Foundation.

Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and his delegation were invited at the unveiling of the new policy.

Assistant Secretary Nagy discussed the wide ranging implication of the new policy and invited international media from around the world including Somaliland Chronicle to ask questions.

HOST: Another question on the theme of aid to the continent. This one from journalist Saeed Ibrahim. He says: The U.S. has announced almost a billion dollars in aid to Somalia despite rampant corruption and deteriorating security. In contrast, Somaliland has been peaceful and democratic for 27 years. Why hasn’t the U.S. engaged Somaliland in a more meaningful way?

AMBASSADOR NAGY: Yeah, the Somaliland question comes up constantly when I speak or when I do these programs. Here’s the thing: Somaliland does have a legal argument it makes. Of course, that has to be treated in the appropriate fora. And, the United States normally when it comes to recognizing states in Africa will consult with the African Union, and the integrity of the state of Somalia is an important precept for the African Union. So the United States of America is dealing with the government in Mogadishu. We are doing our best to strengthen that government, both in its economic development, but also in the security environment.

So for the time being U.S. policy is to deal with Mogadishu, to work with the government in Mogadishu to strengthen that part of the Horn of Africa.

You can read the entire press briefing here in which the Mr. Nagy has discussed issues and opportunities in parts of Africa including the ongoing conflict in the Anglophone region of Cameroon.

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  1. More billions to be wasted in that bottomless pit. You get the sense that the federal entity & their opponents are in cahoots to scam the international community. This has been going on for almost three decades. The USA will never learn. Nothing will come from Mogadishu other than more of the same. We in Somaliland will forge our own path sans billions. We have been doing so for more than three decades. Onward and upward.