Mr. Ibrahim Abdishakur Ibrahim, a second-year Faculty of Engineering student from the University of Amoud in Borama was shot dead by a university campus police officer. Reports indicate the student tried to enter the university campus to retrieve a cellphone he had forgotten and was shot dead following an altercation. It is unclear if the campus Police officer and Mr. Ibrahim had a verbal or a physical altercation before the incident that resulted in Mr. Ibrahim’s death.

The police officer that shot Mr. Ibrahim, whose identity has not been made public, is in custody in custody. Somaliland Police provide security to many public and private institutions, including Amoud University where the shooting occurred.

Somaliland Police has not released a statement on the shooting death of Mr. Ibrahim and it is clear if this incident will prompt any changes in how police interact with the public and use of lethal force.

Earlier reports, including one from a Voice of America reporter, falsely linked Mr. Ibrahim’s death to an ongoing issue where some youth displayed the Somali flag and used an image from an incident in Mogadishu with a victim wearing a blue shirt.

This is a developing story: We’ll give updates on the situation as we learn more.

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