Chairman of Waddani Opposition Party Addresses the Nation on the Occasion of 18 May


The Chairman of Waddani opposition party Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi “Cirro” addressed the nation on the occasion of 18 May.

Chairman Abdirahman Cirro started his address with a note on the importance of 18 May, the day that Somaliland regained its independence. He added that 18 May is a day that weighs on our hearts but due to health concerns we are unable to celebrate it.

“You are heroes, both women and men, you are the backbone and the pride of the nation and may Allah watch over you and your families” said Chairman Cirro when congratulating the nations armed forces on the occasion of 18 May.

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The chairman also sent congratulations to national parties, the legislative councils, the government and the public at large and specially the diaspora “whose role cannot be overlooked” and ended with “Long Live Somaliland”.

Mr. Abdirahman Cirro noted the difficult time faced by Somaliland interms of economy and health and changes in global migration and implored the public to look out for the vulnerable people among us.

On COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Abdirahman Cirro said that death and the infection rate are raising in our country since the testing equipment became operational. He noted that the disease is now at a local transmission phase where people with no travel history are testing positive and suggested below steps in addition the existing prevention steps of COVID-19 pandemic

  1. Raise the alert and prevention level to the highest.
  2. Redouble awareness efforts and ensure it reaches all regions, districts and towns.
  3. Fully mobilize healthcare workers and prepare additional healthcare centers.
  4. Acquire additional COVID-19 testing equipment and ensure their availability in all regions and increase testing of the public for COVID-19
  5. Regular inspection by law enforcement and awareness teams of public gathering sites.
  6. Ensure the distribution of COVID-19 aid received so far to the pubic as much as possible.
  7. Consistantly update the public by the COVID-19 committee
  8. Send urgent appeal to the international community and WHO.

Chairman Cirro congratulated those who have complied with the COVID-19 prevention steps including the educators who closed learning centers, the khat traders and the religious community who have stopped the trawih and tajahud prayers.

He also thanked everyone who has so far send COVID-19 aid to Somaliland including WHO, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar, Telesom, World Remit, Mr. Abdourahman Boureh.

Chairman Cirro closed his address with a note on the repeated crisis in the country’s east in Eil Afweyn and said that hostilities is not in our best interest and have appealed the elders, chiefs, the religious leaders and the intellectuals to curb the hostilities as quickly as possible.