Unchecked Radicals: The Dangerous Political Imams of Somaliland



  1. Am telling You what????? those imams have right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech inaad la xidhiidhiso alshabaa iyo Taliban waxaan u arka inaad qarda jeexayso kaagan videowga soo diyaariyey

  2. As odious as the comments allegedly made by those imams in question, they do have the right to express their opinions, even in the khudbad. This is not treason against the state, & if he/ they allegedly made any threats against an individual, then that individual has the option of judicial due process. Is that not so?

  3. You people need to learn the difference between Salafiya and Takferees like Shabaab. If it wasn’t for the Salafi dawah the likes of Shabaab would have taken over Somaliland today. Godane wanted to start his evil dawah in Somaliland first when he returned from Pakistan, but was kicked out of Somaliland by the Salafee Shaykhs who held public debates with him and proved him wrong. The debates happened in the 90s and they were recorded and are available.

    Shabaab was able to recruit in Somalia because most of their scholars were not that far off from Shabaabs understanding of Islam. Madrassas were run by Al Itihadd/ Ibstisam which created a fertile pipeline for Shabaab to recruit from.

    One of the problems with western styled politics is that lying and deception are legitimate means of conducting politics, because of it’s short term view of life. Each side just cares about todays gain without thinking about the ramification of their actions tomorrow. The same thing is happening in this debacle and many others in Somaliland today. For the sake of short term gain the opposition will hurl all kinds of mischaracterization without worrying about their affects on our society and the loss of social cohesion in the long run. Both sides are guilty of this, but again this is the nature of western politics. Each one of them wants to kick the can down the line.

    Secularist due to their little understanding of the religion and hatred for the religion are unable to differentiate this from that. Their emotional hatred and bias of the religion will also not allow them to understand these things. You can’t just pull Islam from under the people just because you want them to leapfrog into were the West is today. We live in different times from the 50s and 60s were a strongman ruler can just dictate to his people as to what ideology to believe in.

    Today we have enough learnt practicing Muslims that know your Western ideologies better than most of you secularists. We don’t want what has happened to the West to happen to our people. Western liberal democracies have not been around for long, but their countries can’t even replace their own population. In places like Sweden they are going through an alarming birthrate decline within a span of 40 years or so. Tell me what good is an idealogy when it can’t even sustain itself.