Two African Union soldiers from Burundi where killed in an roadside bomb that targeted an AMISOM armored vehicle 30km north of Somali capital Mogadishu in the small town of Bal’ad.

The dead troops were part of a Burundian contingent serving with AMISOM in Somalia.

Al-Shabaab terrorist group claimed responsibility in a statement “On Monday, we carried out an attack that killed 2 soldiers and injured 15 others near Bal’ad town”. The statement added that the 15 wounded were medivaced to a Mogadishu Hospital.

AMISOM declined to comment on the incident but eye witnesses confirmed AMISOM wounded at Mogadishu main hospital.

Multinational AMISOM and African Union troops has been in Somalia since 2007 to prop up Somalia’s Federal Government. Additionally, there is a large presence of western Special Operation forces fighting Al-Shabaab and other Islamic State related terrorist groups in Somalia.

Despite Somalia’s Federal Government claims that Al-Shabaab is defeated, the terrorist network has been more emboldened in recent months and has been carrying out an assassination of Somali government officials in Mogadishu.