The results of our week long poll to evaluate President Muse Bihi Abdi’s performance rating through public polling are finally here! The response rate was less than we anticipated but we believe we have a representative sample to accurate gauge public sentiment of Somaliland President HE Muse Bihi Abdi and his administration.

It is also worth noting that 80% of the votes came in after the President re-nationalized the Berbera Port Oil terminals.

Number of Participants4,193
Poll Duration6 Days
Poll MethodOnline

43.2% of respondents believe the President is doing great or good work with 29% unfavorable. Interestingly 27.8% think it is too early to evaluate President Bihi’s performance.

Clear majority of respondents have a unfavorable view of the President’s cabinet members. A point the President has acknowledged in a recent speech.

Most interesting question of the lot and its even more interesting that people are putting national unity ahead of the economy and justice.

Another area of consensus is the negative view of Somaliland’s Foreign Affairs team. 66.7% do not believe Somaliland will be recognized during President Bihi’s term as President.


  1. I can say the way this poll was conducted is fairly great but i think it would have been even greater if it was conducted in Somali, as close to 100% of the people mainly speak Somali,the number of participants could have been even more.

  2. Some people will always be quick to criticize no matter what. He was plagued with natural and manmade disaster such as Ceel Afwyen clan fighting, Tukaraq war, and Sagar Tsunami which he handled it well. Give him a break people! The man has been in this position for only one year and has four years still left for his presidency. But yet again there is a room for improvement Look on the bright side of things, instead of being so negative.