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Organized Corruption: How Government Appointees and Employees Are Pillaging Coffers through their Private Companies

According to Somaliland government records examined by Somaliland Chronicle,...

Petty Theft, Forgery and Assault: How President Bihi Appointed a Common Criminal as a Human Rights Commissioner

The Somaliland National Human Rights Commission has distanced itself...

Somaliland Presidency Awarded No-Bid Contract with Inflated Cost to Redesign and Rebuilt War Memorial

Somaliland Government spent $222,153 US Dollars on the redesign...

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Somaliland: Lost and found

Somaliland was amongst the seventeen African countries that attained their independence in 1960, “The Year of Africa.” A former Italian colony, Somalia merged on...

Somaliland: From A Failed Union to A Thriving Democracy

The independence of British  Somaliland (north) came into being on 26 June 1960. Five days later, Italian Somaliland (south) attained independence. Both north and south merged for irredentism agenda – to unify five different Somali regions under one ethnic umbrella. The merger of the two territories faced legal obstruction. Both sides signed no identical unifying law. Italian Somaliland never passed an act of union drafted by British Somaliland. Instead, it passed a different act named Atto di Unione, which was substantially different from British Somaliland's original marriage act. According to Rajagopal and Carrol (1992), the act of union law did not have legal validity in southern Somalia, and the subsequent but different passed Atto de Unione was legally insufficient. Therefore, the declaration of independence was legally invalid.

The Shady Character: The Resident of Villa Somalia

His name is Mohamed Abdullahi-Farmajo, born in 1962 in Mogadishu. He was one of the few fortunate youths, not by virtue of merit, but by his clan affiliation. His uncle was the former dictator of Somalia, Mohamed Siad Barre.

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Somaliland Opposition Parties Reject The Guurti’s Term Extension for President Bihi

The Chairmen of the opposition parties of Waddani and...

Somaliland Guurti Extends President Bihi’s Term by two years

In a close session, the Somaliland Guurti led by...

Ministries of Energy, Investment and Interior Unveil an Energy Program funded by Swedish Government

In a ceremony attended by government officials and representatives...

National Election Commission Announced Nine-Month Delay of Presidential Elections

In their first press statement since sworn in, the...

Call to support Taiwan’s participation in ICAO

Wang Kwo-tsai Minister of Transportation and Communications Republic of China (Taiwan) The...