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Somaliland Office in Taiwan Rejects Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The Republic of Somaliland Representative Office in Taiwan has...

Ministry of Information Spends 600,000 US Dollars to Fix a Decade Old Radio Station

According to a contract signed by the Minister of Information, Culture...

How Somalia is trying to Stifle Somaliland – US ties with an Online Troll and a pseudo-Charitable Organization

In February, June, and  August 2022, Mr. Okeke-Von Batten filed Lobby Disclosure Act...

Tag: Isaaq Genocide


US Blessing UN’s Scare-quotes to Delegitimize Somaliland

When Joe Biden took office, many victims of genocide hoped US interest would triumph over indifference. Upon his nomination to be secretary of state,...

State subversion: how Somalia perfected the art of subversion and deploys it against Somaliland

Much like the current president of Russia describing the collapse of the USSR and the subsequent emergence of 15 sovereign states as ‘the greatest geopolitical catastrophe in the 20th century” the people of Somalia and their leaders have become psychological prisoners of the past – a past in which there was Somaliland and Somalia united as a single ethnonational state until 1991 when Somaliland re-asserted the statehood it voluntarily relinquished in 1960. To Somalilanders, what happened in 1960 shortly after independence from the U.K was nothing short of the greatest act of betrayal of one generation by another when they united the newly independent state of Somaliland with Somalia. The British newspaper, the Daily Herald mocked this decision with the following headline: ‘the colony that rejected freedom” in its Wednesday 29th June edition. Such betrayal led to a 30-year long struggle for independence that came at the tragic cost of genocide – the Isaaq genocide.

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Somaliland: Berbera city’s growth is being held back by a power supply monopoly

Nasir M. Ali, University of Hargeisa; Ayan Yusuf Ali,...

Taiwan’s Cooperation in Africa for A Net-Zero Future

By Ambassador Allen Chenhwa Lou Taiwan Representative Office in the...

Is the Mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Moge, A Political Opportunist or the Savior that Somaliland Needs?

The blind embrace of personality cults and a propensity...

Projects funded by the World Bank Group’s private sector arm fuel violent conflict – it’s time to reform the system

Brian Ganson, Stellenbosch University; Anne Spencer Jamison, Copenhagen Business...

Taiwan Working With The World Toward A Net-Zero Future

By Shieu Fuh-sheng, Minister of Environment, R.O.C. (Taiwan) Climate change...