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Somaliland Office in Taiwan Rejects Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The Republic of Somaliland Representative Office in Taiwan has...

Ministry of Information Spends 600,000 US Dollars to Fix a Decade Old Radio Station

According to a contract signed by the Minister of Information, Culture...

How Somalia is trying to Stifle Somaliland – US ties with an Online Troll and a pseudo-Charitable Organization

In February, June, and  August 2022, Mr. Okeke-Von Batten filed Lobby Disclosure Act...

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Somaliland Minister of Defense Resigns in Protest of MoU with Ethiopia

In a statement, Mr. Abdiqani Mohamoud Aateye, the Minister of Defense has resigned his post in protest of the Memorandum of Understanding that Somaliland...

Premature Bomb Detonation kills two Terrorists Near Las Anod – Somaliland Ministry of Defense

According to a press release from Somaliland’s Ministry of Defense, Somaliland armed forces have successfully thwarted a terrorist attack planned by a group of...

Sacked and Recycled: President Bihi Makes the Biggest Reshuffle of His Administration

President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi has made the largest changes to his administration since taking office in November 2017. The largest affected portfolios are...

Criminal Complaints Filed Against The Ministers of Information and Defense

Somaliland's Attorney General Mr. Hassan Mohamed Adam confirmed that criminal complaints where submitted to his office by the Auditor General for the leadership of the ministries of Information and Defense.

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Somaliland & UK Parliamentarians Met to Discuss Important Issues

A delegation from England made up of members of...

Turkey and Ethiopia have had close ties for many years: Somalia maritime deals may shift the dynamics

Michael B. Bishku, Augusta University Ethiopia and Turkey, which have...

Embracing Balkanization: A Path to Peace and Prosperity in the Somali Region

The recent developments in the Somali region, including Puntland's...